Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi by Katase, Kaihei


Dimensions: 8-1/2”h

The wonderful Kokeshi entitled: “Oboroya | Clouded Moon” is wonderfully detailed, are exquisitely formed, based on both traditional and creative styling. The hair, in particular, takes on a traditional form and is delicately detailed in the carving technique emphasizing flowing hair. The motif that is illustrated throughout the front of the Kimono is executed in a silver lacquer, and indicates the artist’s fascination with this aesthetic. The dolls have an incised artist stamp on the back bottom portion of the doll. Katase-san won major awards at the Gunma Kokeshi Competition on multiple occasions in the 1960s. This doll was published in an exhibition catalogue entitled: Kokeshi Dolls by JETRO, (the Japan External Trade Organization). 

Condition: Very good, original condition, with no fading or loss of color, and consistent with age. A small blemish on the left surface of the doll and shown in the image that does not distract from it appearance or value. This is a VERY rare doll and the piece meets all the standards of Kokeshi collectible Folk Art.