Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi by Yamanaka, Sanpei entitled: “Sekishun” | Lamenting the Passing of Spring


Dimensions: 8-1/2” h

The technical ability to carve a doll from one piece of wood still give character to the differing elements of this creation. Yamanaka is known for his rustic designs and pyrographic detailing emphasizing the wood from which it is made.

 The most common feature is the use of unpainted ‘Rokuro moyo’ horizontally carved line work, which is incorporated on both the body as well as to define the black hair and “Mage”, (top knot) hairstyling. The face and red nose carry the feeling of impishness. Yamanaka’s Kokeshi are highly sought after by collectors all over the world. He won the prestigious 'Prime Minister Award' in 1979. The piece is signed in red on the bottom of the doll by the artist.

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Condition: Excellent and beautiful condition retaining the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed natural wood patina and is commensurate with age. The piece meets all the standards of Sosaku Kokeshi styling.