Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: Bunko | Elegance by Aida, Seihou


Dimensions: 11-3/4"h

This is an exceptional one-off kokeshi and is again made from the Pagoda tree, (Enju), and is simply ornamented using a wheat motif; as well as hair in silver, subtly contrasting to the dark wood. She has a traditional hair treatment with a “Mage”, which is a type of bun in which the hair is wrapped in a complex circular coil to further define the head. The face and eyes are looking down. She has a tiny red dot for a nose. Her Obi is of lighter wood and is given a deep relief to accentuate the figure. The artist's stamp is lightly affixed to the bottom of the doll.

Vintage Condition: Pristine, excellent condition affording the doll age-old elegance. Retains the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed patina commensurate with age and unrestored. A very rare piece meeting all the standards of Sosaku Kokeshi collectibles.