Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: Kantsubaki | Winter Camellia by Sato Kouson (A.K.A. Komura)


Dimensions: 12-1/4”h 

We have yet to find any biographical information about this artist for she valued her privacy when she worked out of her studio in Fukushima-ken, Kuwaori-machi, Japan. As with this beautifully formed doll, Sato-sans dolls are easily recognized by their wonderfully soft, gentle faces, with the bodies’ artwork ranging from simple but elegant sumi-e’ brush strokes to beautifully painted camellia blossoms. She had no problems in creating huge dolls and separates her work from other female artists in the creative genre with her bold approach. The Japanese Camellia, (Tsubaki), also known as the Rose of Winter symbolizes passion and deep desire, and is an evergreen loved by the Japanese. It has leathery leaves of dark green, and along with the flower is incorporated into this figure. Her eyes are rendered to show a tender expression with just a small indication of a nose. The hair of the doll is shown pulled pack on the sides of its face with just a slight indication of bangs. What makes the doll unique is the figure is in three sections: the head, the main body and the bottom of the figure which is separated by a three-dimensional Obi in black which we have not seen in other published images.

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Condition: Mint meaning the piece is perfect, totally original and complete with no fading, cracks, or restoration, and retains its wonderful patina which suggests a degree of slight wear that corresponds to its vintage. The artifact meets all the standards of the collectible Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi.