Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: Tanigawadake | Mt. Tanigawa by Sato Tatsuo (1928-2009)

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Dimensions: 21-3/4”h 

Sato-san was an accomplished oil painter and loved Mt. Tanigawa, a mountain, canyon and waterfall where he lived. His Kokeshi illustrate a a comprehensive composition, incorporating calligraphy on the body which typically were short poems, (Haiku) which are said to embody the spirit of Mr. Tanigawa.

The exceptionally large and rare doll exhibits a balance between the style of the Yajirou Kokeshi in the head treatment and the Sosaku treatment throughout its body. The pictorial subject encourages the viewer to concentrate on the hand- painted landscape and on the short poem, (Haiku), which lovingly expresses his feelings. Although his work falls into the creative Kokeshi category, this style of doll has traditional Yajirou elements in both the facial and hair treatment, the one eyelid, and the pick shaped nose. Also used in its design is the black and red grooving of the line work around the neck and bottom of the image which frames the centerpiece. This line-work having an 1/8” deep carved lathe detailing which is additionally a very meticulously painted method known as ‘Rokoru Moyo’. As with Yajirou Kokeshi this doll has a wood base made of cherry, (Sakura no ki). The doll has the title of the doll on the front of the body and is signed in script by the artist on the bottom of the figure. 

Very few dolls of this design by Sato-san were made, and we were told that this design was created because the town leaders, where the artist resides, commission this Kokeshi as souvenirs, (omiyage), to give to important dignitaries and visitors coming to the village and Mt. Tanigawa. The poem translates as: The Earth trembles at Ichi-no-Kurasawa at Mt. Tanigawa.” 

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Condition: Mint meaning the piece is perfect, totally original and complete with no fading, cracks, or restoration, and retains its wonderful patina which suggests a degree of slight wear that corresponds to its vintage. The artifact meets all the standards of the collectible Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi.