Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Tsubaki ko | Camellia Girl”” by Yamanaka, Sanpei

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Dimension:  5-1/4”h 

The technical aspect of a doll made of one piece of wood is successfully evident by the beautiful forming of the figure. The motif, is, of course, the Camellia, (Tsubaki), and the faces and red noses carry the feeling of impishness. The doll has a large ‘Mage’ style hair treatment with carved lines on both sides of the hair to give it depth. A stamp is on the bottom which identifies the artist as Sanpei.

NOTE: For more information on this artist go to our Browse & Learn section,  affording you details about this artist. Also published in the latest book entitled: Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement.

Condition: Excellent condition for the piece is perfect, with no chipping, missing elements or loss of artwork/color which is beautifully defined. It retains a beautiful finish, with its original craftsmanship preserved. Museum-quality: meeting the standards of the collector of Sanpei’s kokeshi.