Vintage Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Yuki Michi | Snowy Road” by Miyajima, Muhitsu


Dimension:  9-1/2”h 

Offered is a very unusual doll, tightly wrapped in a heavy “Mino” (winter coat). The doll is made of a combination of woods, (Beech, Elm, and Dogwood), in which the face is of Beech wood which is a lighter color allowing the face to be defined, and the coat is a darker wood in which the graining on the coat adds depth and character of the overall form. The base which is a lighter wood in presenting this beautiful Kokeshi. Her face which is protected by her outer coat has a serine facial expression with a red button nose. Her hair bangs are interestingly detailed and falling over the forehead. Miyajima is a winner of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award in 1973. The piece is hand signed and titled in script on the bottom.

NOTE: For more information on this artist go to our Browse & Learn section, ( affording you details about this artist. Also published in the latest book entitled: Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement.

Condition: Excellent condition for the piece is perfect, with no chipping, missing elements or loss of artwork/color which is beautifully defined. It retains a beautiful finish, with its original craftsmanship preserved. Museum-quality: meeting the standards of the collector of Miyajima kokeshi.