Vintage Japanese Sumo Wrestlers Spinning Top by Hiroi Masaaki


Dimensions: Base ring -1-7/8”h x 3-1/4” dia. (Sumo spinning tops 1-1/2” h)

This beautiful top (Koma) is hand-made of one piece of wood and made by a famous kiji-shi (woodworker) named Hiroi Masaaki from Tokyo Japan. The base is quite simple colored in green and red rings. The tops are abstract images of Sumo wrestlers and weight to balance producing an overall circular motion. The piece is signed on the bottom. 

Condition: Excellent condition means that the piece has no cracks or repairs with fine and original details consistent with the age and standards of collectible Vintage Japanese Toys. For those who want to start or expand their collection, Japanese toys and tops continue to be sought-after collectible highly valued artifacts.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Masaaki-san is a fourth-generation suburban Tokyo resident, and maker of hand-crafted children’s toys, which he creates with traditional Edo and wind-up techniques, (1603-1867). He studied under Master Hiori Kenjiro. Admired throughout Japan and around the world, his creations have been exhibited and acquired for the permanent collection of the Louvre. Hiroi died in 2019 and has been named an honorary citizen of Seattle, Washington.