Vintage Japanese Tougatta Fukuguruma (Fortunę Car) | Wheel Pull Toy by Yonamoto, Yutaka

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Dimensions: 4-0”h x 4-0”w

One saw this type of original Kokeshi-inspired vintage Japanese wooden toy made by Tougatta Kokeshi artist Yonamoto, Yutaka. This style of toy is made from recycled wood and painted in a veritable rainbow of colors from the usual red, green, yellow, and purple with black accents all made to attract younger children in the 1900s. The sides of the toy incorporate Rokoru mono stripes running around both wheels of the cart. The figure's body is that of a merchant with a large hat representative of the period carrying a long black stick for movement. Its face is detailed with a pear-shaped body dressed in a red business-style garment, which is influenced by European merchants traveling with the Dutch East India Trading Company. A wooden dowel connects the figure to the two wheels and is striped in purple. The figure is made of Mazuki, which is a very pale, fine, white-grained variety of dogwood, which is native to the area. The entire piece possesses the warm-heartedness of being a true treasure of a particular time in history.  It has the artist's script signature on the bottom of the figure.

Condition: Excellent condition with minimal effects for use and aging. Retains original handprinted color and design with all associated parts intact. There are no missing elements, no scratches or imperfections related to daily use with all detailed elements intact.