Vintage Japanese Tougatta Hand Twist Koma Spinning Top by Hironi, Masaaki (1935-)


Dimension: 5-1/2"l x 2-0"dia.

The top being offered is a famous type by a toy craftsman known as Hironi. Tops have long been prized as symbols of good luck. Because of their spinning motion, they symbolize “money circulating”, “being quick-witted” or “successful work among the business community”. This top is decorated with multi-width lines in colors of red, purple, and green, (Red symbolizes health. Black is for strength. Yellow is for wealth. The remaining portion of the top is left with natural wood with Green is for good harvest. And purple is for nobility) on the crown and circulating the body of the top. The piece has a long element that aids the hand to support fast turning. The remaining portions of the top are made of natural wood with a point/tip in the center to assist spinning.

A spinning top is remarkable because it tends to defy gravity while it is spinning. If spun fast enough, a spinning top will rise to a vertical position and happily stay there, even though it will fall over if it stops spinning. Spinning tops also gave rise to a form of entertainment known as kyoku-goma. These virtuoso top-spinning performances never fail to delight audiences.

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Condition: Excellent meaning that the piece retains its original craft/workmanship and functions as intended, showing a wonderful-developed patina and is void of damage, cracks, breakage, or repairs and meets all the standards of the collectible Vintage Traditional Kokeshi Toys.