Vintage Japanese Traditional Narugo Nemariko by Okazaki Yasuo


Dimensions: 4-0”h

This beautiful miniature doll represents a sub-strain of the Narugo family. It is a popular style referred to as a “squeaking or crying child”, and made of two pieces, with the head being attached to the body via a snap-in projection, allowing it to be turned, thus making a squeak. Naru is "sound or "cry," and ko is "child." Thus, Naruko is "crying child," which is no surprise, then, that like the tall, full size Naruko Kokeshi sisters that also makes a "crying” sound when her head is turned.

This doll has a wide body with beveled shoulders and a narrow waist. If you look closely you will see very think and delicate and meticulous line work known as ‘Rokoru Moyo’ to further defining the form of the doll. It has bangs and side hair fringes which is a definitive feature of the head with a single eyelid, and a cat nose. It has a red Chrysanthemums blossoms and leaves as the main motif on the front of the figure. It is made of made of one piece of solid and beautifully colored Enju wood, (this wood has been handed down as a tree auspicious to ward off the devil, and good fortune). The motif has incorporated a lighter accent spot in the center of the body and finished with clear lacquer. The piece is signed in script on the bottom of the doll.

Condition: Excellent, original condition, with no fading or loss of color and consistent with age and standards of collectable Folk Art. She has a great touch and a fits nicely in one hand. All details perfect and as crafted.