Vintage Japanese Tsuchiyu Himi-Daruma Wood Figure | Takahashi, Toru | Female Daruma Doll


Dimensions: 2-1/8”h x 1-6/8” dia.

Tsuchiyu Family dolls originated in the 1840s at Tsuchiyu Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture, conceived by Sakuma, Kamegoro, a kiji-shi (wood carver), who had made various wood items for visitors to the Tsuchiyu Onsen.

Offered is a beautifully detailed Hime-Daruma, (who represents the legendary Empress Jingū Kogō who had a special connection with Matsuyama, the headquarters of an important warrior clan during Japan's feudal era, (1185–1867) who supposedly conquered Korea. Most of these small figures were made to be carried while traveling and are lathe-turned from one piece of Pauwlonia wood. Starting with the top of her head there are black concentric circles on the top called Janome. The innermost circle of the design is colorless. Her eyes are called futae-mabuta, (double lid), and her nose called tare-bana, (long nose). Her face is framed with bangs and side hair fringes that are in black. On the body there are two horizontal lines drawn in red that frame red flowers encircling the body. The piece is signed on the bottom by Takahashi-san.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition and commensurate with age. Rarely found carving and perfect for the collector of Japanese religious folk art.