Vintage Japanese Wooden Black Lacquer Fumibako (Pen Box)

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Dimensions: 1-0”h x 3-78”w x 8-3/4”l

Beautiful old calligraphy box with an overall Urushi-gawa, hiramaki-e (low relief lacquer), on black lacquer ground with a textural finish simulated to look like deer skin. The lid fits well and has a detailed pictures of a colorful Phoenix bird, (Phoenixes, known as hō-ō in Japanese, are a mythical bird with a conglomeration of features such as "a bird's beak, a swallow's jaw, and a snake's neck" and found on each corner of the lid. In Japan, phoenixes became a popular decorative element and were commonly used to embellish lacquerware. The phoenix is considered a sacred and pure bird in Japan. It is also thought that phoenixes only appear in times of peace and that its appearance marks the beginning of a new era in history. 

Associated with such positive connotations, the phoenix is linked with themes of rebirth, prosperity, and longevity in Japan. This art requires a high level of craftsmanship and lots of experience. The sides of the lid have an “ogee”, (flowing concave and convex arches) carved motif. Its originally black cotton cord to hold the top and bottom together remains intact with the box. 

Condition: Excellent, beautiful condition with no corner separations or loss of lacquer or motif.