Vintage Japanese Yajirou Toy Train by Kamata Takashi


Dimensions: 3-3/4”h x 4-1/4w x 2-1/4”d 

Toys and Tops of many shapes and materials have been found throughout Japan and are among the most ancient toys known.

Offered is a rare, vintage Yajirou interactive toy train, referred to as a Kisha, and is from Naruko Japan. It is intricately carved and assembled with all the necessary parts to identify it as a train, (boiler, smoke stack, and the engineer with full facial details and hat. It is painted in a veritable rainbow of colors, utilizing the Rokoru mono style of decoration using vertical stripes running around the body of the train in the usual colors of red and black to yellow, green, and purple. Its wheels turn freely as designed to enable pulling or pushing by the child. The piece is signed by the carver o the back of the train.

Condition: Excellent condition means that the piece has no cracks or repairs with fine and original details consistent with the age and standards of collectible Vintage Japanese Toys. For those who want to start or expand their collection, Japanese toys and tops continue to be a sought-after collectible highly valued artifact.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The creators of these dolls hail from the small farming village of Yajirou-machi near Kamasaki Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, once a farming village between two, tall mountains. The kiji-shi (woodworkers), divided their time between farming and wood-craft. Those who made kokeshi in their spare time sent their wives to the nearby Kamasaki Onsen to sell their work to tourist shops and through onsens.