Vintage Japanese Yajirou Traditional Kokeshi Container and Miniatures by Sato, Koichi

Sale price$165.00

Dimensions: Container: 9-1/2” h; miniature Dolls (5) – 2-1/2”

This very rare and unusual doll was designed to show a creative interpretation of the traditional Yajirou family dolls. The main and larger doll is a container, which contains five different Yajirou style Kokeshi in keeping with the family standards. One characteristic feature of the Yajiro kokeshi is the head with a multi-colored bob or chignon with a Rokoru -Moyo horizontal strips painted in multiple colors on a lathe to create perfectly rendered lines with a beautifully painted body on all pieces. The waist shows line work of different colors to accentuate the simulated obi. The neck and bottom of each doll further simulates a kimono. The eyes are called Hitoe-Mabuta, (single-lid) with eyebrows, a simple eye drawn with a single curved line with an eyeball underneath. It is a wonderfully complex piece and is signed on the bottom of the main container by Sato, Koichi.

Condition:  Mint condition exhibiting an aged patination and meticulous care. There are no missing elements, no scratches or imperfections related to daily use with all detailed elements intact. The object retains the original craftsmanship, meeting the standards of the collector of Japanese Traditional Yajirou Kokeshi. An Exceptional collectors creation.