Vintage Japanese Zuguri Spinning Koma | Daruma Sakadachi Top by Katakura Family


Dimensions: 3-1/4”h x 2-1/4”dia 

There are many kinds of tops in Japan and this one gets its name from the Buddhist Holy Man whose character in a more modern graphic decorates this Koma. As a kind of quip, the elegant spinning motion of the toy symbolizes “circulation of money” ”smooth work”, and “being quick-witted”. This pair of Koma called a Zuguri Spinning Top was specifically made for use in the “snow” and was popular in the Edo period traditionally had multiple colors as with this piece that has blue yellow and red stripes. They vary in color, shape, and size, depending on the region they come from, and all have unique characteristics. This motion is produced by holding the axis firmly while pulling a string. This motion is produced by holding the axis firmly while pulling a string. An internal weight rotates, producing an overall circular motion. An internal weight then rotates, producing an overall circular motion. Prominently featured are two different faces of Daruma featured above the stripes.

Katakura-san is a traditional Narugo toy maker who focused on spinning tops, (Koma), and who studied under master Onuma, Chikara. This piece originally came from Narugo Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture.

Condition: Both are in Excellent condition means that the piece has no cracks or repairs with fine and original details consistent with the age and standards of collectible Vintage Japanese Toys. For those who want to start or expand their collection, Japanese toys and tops continue to be sought-after collectible highly valued artifacts.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Toys and Tops of many shapes and materials have been found throughout Japan and are among the most ancient toys known. In Japan, top playing was a boys’ game bound to specific events and seasons for which spinning tops were serious games, (fighting tops), and general spinning tops being an everyday toy is symbolic of housebound children in winter and on holidays.

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