Vintage Japanese Zuguri Spinning Koma | Kijigangu Sakadachi Top by Katakura Family

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Dimensions: 4-0”h x 3-0”dia 

There are many kinds of tops in Japan. As a kind of quip, the elegant spinning motion of the toy symbolizes “circulation of money” ”smooth work”, and “being quick-witted”. This Koma called a Zuguri Spinning Top was specifically made for use in the “snow” and was popular in the Edo period traditionally had multiple colors as with this piece that has blue yellow and red stripes with a Fusha spinner on the top. Each of them has its own meaning; red represents health, black, (power); yellow, (wealth); green, (harvest); and purple, (nobility). They vary in color, shape, and size, depending on the region they come from, and all have unique characteristics. This motion is produced by holding the axis firmly while pulling a string. An internal weight rotates, producing an overall circular motion. The top is one of the oldest recognizable toys found on archaeological sites.

Katakura-san is a traditional Narugo toymaker who focused on spinning tops, (Koma), and who studied under master Onuma, Chikara. This piece originally came from Narugo Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture.