Vintage Minomushi Cape Sosaku Kokeshi by Shido Shouzan


Dimensions: 11.6”h

The doll represents a later version of the 1950s school girl wearing an unusual straw outer-wrapping called a “Minomushi”, which it is an article of clothing worn to protect rural people of the mountains from rain and snow. 

Shown is Shouzan his slender, Northern tall figure supporting the fact that they reminded him of tall, thin trees seen throughout Northern Japan. It unique feature is the textural qualities of ‘Chattering’ as seen on the base of the doll representing the undergarment, (i.e., Kimono). The upper portion of the doll is the creative interpretation of the original ‘Mino’, (straw rain/snow coat), with the young girls youthful and detailed face is peeping out from under the wrap. The only ornamentation seen is through the delicate carving of the various elements of the doll and through the natural lacquer finishing emphasizing the natural graining of the wood.

His keen sense of design, minimal use of color, and simple elegant shapes set him apart from his peers, making him one of the most collectible artists emerging from the creative period. Shouzan and his doll was a winner of the Prime Minister’s Award. The doll has Shouzan-san’s stamp on the bottom of the doll but difficult to detect because of the dark finish of the doll.

Condition: Excellent with no imperfections or color loss. Museum quality piece.