Vintage Nambu KinaKina Traditional Kokeshi by Matsuda, Seiichi


Dimensions: 12-1/4” h

This Nambu/Kina-Kina Kokeshi’s beauty is in its approach to using the natural qualities of the Elm wood, (Keyaki), to enhance its beauty through form. The head of this doll is in proportion of its body, as opposed to other forms from this artist, in which the head is much smaller and reminiscent of the “teething” dolls from which it is inspired. What is the same is that it has a “bobbling or swaying”, function that allows it to move freely via an attached joint/stem. Most of this type of Kokeshi show little diversity in the body shapes, although this doll has a defined base on which it stands. Also the stranded simulated obi sash has been omitted. This is a very unusual doll form by Matsuda-san in that it is more of a traditional doll form than a “teething” doll. The piece has its name and is signed by the artist on the bottom of the figure.

For further information see our section entitled “Browse by Family”, Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Nambu/Kina-Kina-Kei (Family).

Condition: Excellent and beautiful condition affording the doll age-old elegance. Retains the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed patina and commensurate with age and unrestored. The piece meets all the standards of Traditional Kokeshi collectibles.