Vintage Nambu KinaKina Traditional Kokeshi by Suzumago, Morizou


Dimensions: 7-1/4” h

This Kokeshi is a unique and unusual style of the Nambu/Kina-Kina, (Hanamaki), Kokeshi originally conceived by Suzumago, Jitsutarou, (1908-1984). This doll was made by his third son, Morizou.

The main features that have been retained with this doll is the “swaying” head, which moves freely via a snap-on type attachment to a base made of Birch, (Kabanoki), wood. The unique features of this doll, which breaks from tradition, begins with the decorative treatment of the head. It has bangs falling over its forehead with a large red bow on the top with side hair fringes. It has filled-in Futae-Mabuta eyes and a Neko-Bata (Cat’s nose) and tiny red mouth. All of which typically are not done on the standard traditional Nambu/KinaKina doll. Additionally, further unique qualities of this doll are the decorative motif incorporated onto its body. The top of the form has an abstracted chrysanthemum motif with leaves, which is separated from the bottom section by a colored lacquer gray, thin Obi. Below that Obi are two stacked purple blooming flowers. The piece is signed by the artist on the bottom of the figure.

For further information see our section entitled “Browse by Family”, Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Nambu/Kina-Kina-Kei (Family).

Condition: Excellent and beautiful condition affording the doll age-old elegance. Retains the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed patina and commensurate with age and unrestored. The piece meets all the standards of Traditional Kokeshi collectibles.