Vintage Shouzan, Shido Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Yuki ko misaki | Snow Cape”

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Dimensions: 11-0”h

This slender and unusual Kokeshi by Shouzan is made of two types of wood, (Elm and Beech), so that the textural quality of each further defines their individuality, and illustrates the difference between the Kimono and the undergarment. The doll is wearing a headpiece called a ‘Tsunokakushi’, which is a wide and pointed hood inspired by headgear worn by samurai when going into battle and that covers the head. This doll is an earlier piece that is unsigned because it was not meant for export,and sold to Japanese tourists staying at Onsen’s throughout Northern Japan. 

Condition: Mint condition exhibiting an aged patination and meticulous care. There are no missing elements, no scratches or imperfections related to daily use with all detailed elements intact. The object retains the original craftsmanship, meeting the standards of the collector of Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi