Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi by Yusa, Fukuju


Dimensions: 7-0”h

This vintage Sosaku Kokeshi is entitled: Hoshu, “Treasure World”, and a very rare and unusual doll that is very plainly designed, and employs intricate ‘Chatter’ work (Birikan’na) to define the more traditional style hair, in which cutting or shaving the hair on the scalp in a pinwheel-pattern called ‘Tonsure’, and is a sign of religious devotion or humility.  Its face shows a simple expression with narrow eyes and a white nose in shallow relief. We have seen very few of his Kokeshi of this type along with his portraying children since he was not a prolific carver and doll typically decorated with black, multi-colored sections or gold graphics on the body. The smooth undulating surfaces defining the head, and neck body add to the simple character of the doll, bringing focus to the central motif. This particular model incorporates the use of sumi-e’ painting in black with gold accents. This particular doll was reproduced later in his career and was made in the 1970s.

This is turned from one piece of Birch, (Kabanoki) wood, and after the turning and painting were lacquered and sealed with a natural candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). A perfect doll for the collector of Yusa’s work in the Japanese Kokeshi folk art genre. The piece is signed on the bottom by the artist.

Condition: Excellent condition means that the piece has no fading, cracks, or repairs and is in original condition and consistent with the age and standards of collectible Kokeshi Folk Art.

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