Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: Banshee | Late Autumn by Watanabe, Masao (1917-2007)

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Dimensions: 16-0”h

Offered is a RARE and uniquely styled doll with colorful painted Kimono that represents the setting sun in Autumn. She has a wonderfully detailed scarf and head covering with visible hair and fall leaves. The eyes of this doll are typically looking downward, in respect, a small indication of red lips, with just a hint of bangs peeping out of the tight head covering. An interesting element is a texture that has been applied to the lower portion of the figure, in which Watanabe-san added ‘Chatter work’ to texturize the bottom of the doll. The doll has Watanabe-san’s inscription, as well as his impressed stamp, identifying the piece. 

Condition: Mint condition means that the piece retains its original craft/workmanship showing a wonderful-developed patina commensurate which suggests no degree of wear that corresponds to its vintage. It is void of damage, cracks, breakage, or repairs and meets all the standards of the collectible Sosaku Kokeshi.