Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: Ikat Beauty by Miyajima, Muhitsu

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Dimensions: 8-1/4”

This doll named “Ikkattobyutizu or Irate Beauty” incorporates brushwork interpreting green flowers onto the body with an even carved grooving complimented and a Chattering technique giving ornamentation and texture to the figure. This specific piece is made of heavy, dark-colored Enju wood, (Pagoda tree), affording it a rich color and interesting grain.

As shown, the artist incorporates a ‘snow coat’ called ‘Mino’, in this piece. The wearing of a beautifully formed traditional Fuyu Kasa, (Winter hat used In the Edo period), but in this case, the 1950s), is seen in many of his works. This was a kind of woven hat worn by Buddhists and Samurai called a “Jingasa or kasa” (hat), which was an overly large bowl without a brim that folds into the top of the coat and carved grooves on the front panel of the hat. Dutch and Japanese scholars say this may also be a hairstyle worn by Japanese women who copied the look of the hat, and because of the grooved line-work above the forehead, might represent bangs, which would substantiate their research of the subject. Miyajima-san was fascinated with fashion design, and replicated fabric patterns into many of his dolls. This doll is unsigned. 

Miyajima-sans dolls have had a great influence on Creative, (Sosaku). This doll form was a multiple award winner, Miyajima-san won the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award in 1973.

Condition: Excellent meaning that the piece retains its original craft/workmanship showing a wonderful-developed patina commensurate which suggests a degree of wear that corresponds to its vintage. It is void of damage, cracks, breakage, or repairs and meets all the standards of the collectible Sosaku Kokeshi.