Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: ”Jinja Sanpai | Visiting the Shrine” by Ishihara, Hideo


Dimensions: 10-0”h

Japanese citizens of all ages visit Shrines during special events such as New Years, Setsubun, Shichigosan, and other festivals.  

Ishihara-san’s dolls are based on many motifs, both found in nature and in textile design. He obviously loves portraying both young and old characters with differing hairstyles, (traditional and 1950-60s era). He illustrates numerous kimono styles in both lathe-turned and painted form, and utilizes simple graphic treatment to emphasize the strong character of his dolls.

The design of this Kokeshi was based on holiday/shrine events and represents a young woman making her visit in hopes of having good fortune for the upcoming year. The beautifully detailed and carved figure exhibits a rather rebellious double “Mage-Bob” hair design, (The hair is typically cut at medium length and straight around the head at approximately jaw level with bangs). Additionally unique is the large hat she is carrying, which is more aesthetic than functional because of the hair design. The art of decorating both kimono and under-garments grew in popularity during the Edo period (1603-1868). Here is shown the decorative treatment on her under-kimono has white daisies in a field on a simulated embroidered on red silk. The piece has Ishihara’s red impressed stamp on the bottom.

Condition:  Very good original condition, with some mottling of the original enameled surface of the hair treatment. This piece is rare because of the uniqueness and subject matter of the doll.