Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Kurumi no’nanoko | Walnut Girl” by Sekiguchi, Toshio


Dimension: 12-3/4’h

This doll represents a continuance of Sekiguchi-san’s walnut, (Kurumi), theme. Shown is a lathe-turned doll turned from one piece of natural light oak incorporating a beautiful, carved transition between the neck of the figure and the Kimono. The doll is left natural and simply waxed, with traditional features shown in the face and hairstyle (Nihongami). An ornamented ‘Mage’ treatment with half chrysanthemum flowers and a Kansashi made of a simple dowel, holds the wrapped hair to keep it in place. The only decorative element is the three affixed, natural and dark walnut sections on the front of her kimono, contrasting the smooth surfaces of the doll. A small incised line simulates the Obi. The doll has a white script signature on the back of the doll, and a kanji mark naming the doll on the bottom. 

Condition:  Excellent, pristine original condition, archival quality because of the uniqueness of the doll.