Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Michi noku | Snow Country” by Aida, Seihou


Dimensions: 11-0”h 

This wooden creation is beautifully constructed in three parts: the head, the lower body, and the ‘Hanten’, which unites and surrounds the other two elements. The entire body of the figure celebrates the wood’s natural qualities and coloration, giving depth and a three- dimensional aspect to the form. The natural simply painted work details the head, face, and hair with a faint red bow. Side-hair fringes with red bows give a human interpretation and expression to this young girls figure. There is an impressed stamp of the artist on the bottom of the doll. 

Condition: Very good original condition, with a hairline crack on the top of the head which happened while it was being turned, and has not changed.  It was repaired by the artist and does not effect the quality of the doll. Its uniqueness makes this doll very collectible to complement ones collection of Sosaku Kokeshi.