Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “ | Summer Day” by Sekiguchi, Toshio (1947-)

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Dimensions: 13-0’h
Toshio-san demonstrates an artistic, painterly, ability with beautiful details, as seen in this extraordinary design which is extremely detailed and colorful, and one of his rarest dolls. Toshio-san was born in Gunma Prefecture, was awarded the Craft Council Award in 1990, and was recognized by the National Exhibition of Modern Kokeshi Award winners for his extraordinary forms and surface treatments

The Kokeshi is beautifully painted and is made of one piece of Mizuki, (Dogwood). Numerous motifs are used in this festival Kimono, including abstracted chrysanthemum flowers, clouds, and details of textile motifs, all painted in gold tones, and silver outlined in red vermillion. This particular piece has simulated long, carved black hair, inspired by the Heian period, and is in both flat and relief carving that affords the doll a wonderful, textural quality, as does the simulated Kimono. The eyes have a meditative and serene expression, with a small red mouth. On the bottom of the doll is his impressed stamp, documenting the maker.

The piece was published in the 2022 publication of Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement. For more information on this artist go to the following link:

Condition: Superb, outstandingly excellent, impressive, and beautiful. Photos cannot capture the exceptional work performed by the creation of this doll. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces, or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the vintage collectible Sosaku Kokeshi by Sekiguchi, Tashio.