Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Nōbururedi | Noble Lady” by Shouzan, Shido

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Dimensions: 26-0”h

This doll has inspiration from the Heian period, which was the last division of classical Japanese history when Japan entered its ‘Golden Age’, where Japanese art, poetry, and culture were at their height. 

Women lived restricted life and were only allowed to enjoy certain aspects of freedom. The typical Heian beauty required a pouty mouth, narrow eyes, a thin nose, and rounded apple- cheeks. This representation has two ‘Urna’ on her forehead, spiral or circular dots of Buddhist religious significance. The particular style is VERY rare for Shouzan for it is a documentation of this specific culture in the Japanese community. Women used a heavy rice powder to paint their faces and necks white and had red rose-bud lips. All had very decorative hair typically wrapped and built up into a ‘Mage’ on the top of their head. The piece is one of the largest Kokeshi produced by Shouzan and is turned from two types of wood (Ebony and Maple), one to define the head and the other to accentuate the Obi, with the only detailed surface being her face. The original box and identification/signature/ impressed stamp remain with this doll. The piece itself is stamped “Made in Japan” and substantiates the age of the doll. (NOTE: this stamp was used from 1945-1952 and was used for pieces that were intended to be sold to foreigners). The “original” box“ has Shouzan-san's script signature with his red impressed stamp.

Condition: Excellent condition for the piece is perfect, with no missing elements or color loss, and is in exceptional condition. A beautiful, original, finish, retaining the authentic craftsmanship. The doll is of Museum-quality meeting the standards of the collector of the Sosaku Kokeshi Folk Art genre.