Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Sansa Shigure | Winter Drizzle” by Takahashi, Tatsru


Dimensions: 12-1/4”h

This Kokeshi incorporates distinctive features for which the artist is known, which is his exquisite dolls depicting famous poems. The writings and motif of these Kokeshi depict a famous Heian Period court song about waiting for Spring.

The Haiku reads:
“The clouds are gone and
are telling each other tales”. 

The head of the doll has traditional overtones of the Tougatta style with bangs, side hair fringes, an expressive face with arched upper eyebrows and eyes, a suggested teardrop nose, and red lips. The transition from the body to the head is beautifully turned, with the collar of the Kimono sensitively fashioned. The body is done in the Sosaku standards and is decorated with a bamboo tree detailing black and grey branches and leaves. It is accompanied by this beautifully written poem incorporated into the upper portion of the doll. From the earliest stages of Japanese history, poetry and song have been very important, and any distinction between the two is not clear. What is clear is that poetry is almost always imagined as being recited aloud and the theme of these beautifully rendered figures. It features a beautiful simulated Obi that is accentuated with exaggerated ‘Chatter work’, (Birikan’na) to give its definition. The doll is made of Oak, (Kashiwa) and finished with a natural-colored candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). The doll's title is on the bottom of the doll and has the artist's script signature and stamp on the bottom.