Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Shourai | Future” by Tsujita, Ryozo

Sale price$260.00

Dimensions: 10-0”h

Illustrated is an elegantly designed doll representing a young woman. It is finished in matte-black lacquer with candle wax, known as Rōsoku no rō. This doll has engraved, long, flowing unbound hair, known as Taregami. On the front bottom portion of the doll details of the inlay of silver pine trees, and spring wheat are used as the primary motif. The Kimono treatment makes this piece extremely unusual and the fact that is entirely black which is commonly associated with formality, and authority (power), and represents femininity and beauty. Black Kokeshi was created as an alternative for cherry blossom flowers, which were not available during winter months. There is an embossed inscription identifying the artist. 

Condition: Mint condition exhibiting an aged patination and meticulous care. There are no missing elements, no scratches or imperfections related to daily use with all detailed elements intact. The object retains the original craftsmanship, meeting the standards of the collector of Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi.