Vintage Traditional Kokeshi entitled: “Tīn'eijā to kodomo | Teenager and Child” by Shouzan, Shido | 1932- 1995


Dimensions: 14-0”h; 9-0”h 

You might ask why are these Kokeshi are included here. Both of these dolls represent Shouzan-san's beginnings prior to making Sosaku Kokeshi in 1958. He had apprenticed with Yamagata Family carvers before moving onto Sosaku doll design. So historically the two dolls represent his foundation, understanding and evolution in Kokeshi making.

These two dolls represent Traditional Yamagata Kokeshi which show larger heads with the split nose (ware-bata), and the double line eyes, (futae-mabuta), with bangs and hair fringes with bows, on slender bodies decorated with plum flowers. Each body incorporates the traditional circular- style red and green treatment on the top of the bottom undergarment, that is a very meticulous method known as ‘Rokoru Moyo’. Both are quite top-heavy, leading some people to believe that originally they were much smaller, and designed to be hand-held toys, rather than freestanding dolls. Both are signed in script by Shouzan-san on the bottom.

Condition: Both pieces are in excellent, perfect condition and commensurate with age with wonderful workmanship, turning, and painted features. The piece meets all the standards of collectible Folk Art.