Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Yukake | Red Sunset” by Ishihara, Hideo


Dimensions: 9-3/4” h

This doll’s Kimono honors the setting sun as seen through a bamboo grove. Bamboo is a very strong and sturdy plant, and is a symbol of prosperity in Japan. The doll celebrates both the bamboo as well as the Japanese vermillion sun. It is said the aesthetic of the doll is to represent an individual strolling in a sprawling bamboo forest, almost other-worldly, or even as if in a dream. According to the artist, this poem was said to be the basis for this creation: “the bamboo dances in the wind — against the red Japanese sunset —birth of new beginnings”.

Her face has an image of purity and innocence. The body of her Kimono has artistically rendered bamboo stalks. The head features a unique ‘Mage’, accenting its traditional hairstyle with bangs. Ishihara-san has his red impressed mark on the bottom of the doll.

Condition:  Excellent, pristine original condition, archival quality because of the uniqueness of the doll.