Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Yukiguni no Warabe | Children of the Snow Country” by Shouzan, Shido (1932-1995)

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Dimensions: 16-0”h
Master Shido Shouzan was born in Oita prefecture in 1932. He was one of the first kokeshi artists to use a variety of woods in his creations, including Mulberry, and Persimmon. He later introduced Keyaki, (Zelkova), and Enju, (pagoda tree wood), for doll making. Living in Yonezawa City, he was influenced by the snowy winters and this motif is very prominent in his work. The doll is a maiden wearing a Traditional rice-straw coat called “Mino”. As with most of his creations, he names his works after completing them to help him define the piece. 

This wonderful and elegant Kokeshi illustrates multiple layering of clothing: snow coat, (Mino), the Kimono, and the undergarment. The doll features a beautiful, turned, naturally finished wood, with an undergarment showing a repetitive wave-like textural pattern called ‘Chatter’ Work. This is the only portion of the doll that has any surface treatment or painting. The form speaks for itself and allows the viewer to enjoy the visual and tactile character exhibited by the wood utilized in its’ creation. The body of the doll has a thin chocolate color lacquer, to define each section, and allow the Enju (pagoda wood) graining to show through. It is then sealed with a natural candle wax, (Roseau no ro). The doll is signed with Shouzan-san’s impressed stamp on the bottom. 

The piece was published in the 2022 publication of Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement. For more information on this artist go to the following link:

Condition: Excellent lathe turning, detailing, and size, for it is outstanding, impressive, and beautiful. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces, or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the vintage collectible Sosaku Kokeshi by Shouzan, Shido.