Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Figure is entitled: “Yukibouzu | Snow Boy” by Watanabe, Masao

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Dimensions: 10-1/8”h
This beautiful simple turned and carved figure has deep carving to highlight details of the body, and is meant to emphasize the textural qualities of the wood. The head of the doll is slightly turned downward and somewhat tucked into the jacket. Hair on the top of the head is only slightly defined with informal bangs carved and not his typical painted detailing and cut into the top of the head with bangs falling over the forehead, along with the expressive and modest treatment of the eyes and nose. The child is wearing a cotton haori (羽織), which is a traditional loose-fitting jacket. Watanabe indicates the front openings of the jacket along with some negative space between the head and jacket. On the bottom of the Haori (Jacket) is a deeply and flowing motif giving dimension to the bottom of the jacket. 

The piece is finished with either a type of natural or colored candle wax, (Rosoku no ro). A multiple award winner in Kokeshi competitions around the world, his works are permanently exhibited at the Nuremberg Toy Museum in Germany. The piece is signed in script on the bottom along with the title of the doll as well as his personal impressed mark showing ownership of this design. 

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Condition: Excellent condition means this large and beautiful-turned figure is commensurate with age showing slight wear of the jacket. That said this represents one of the original Watanabe dolls of this type inspired in the 1950s, showing no structural problems and still retaining its distinctive character. Meets the high standards of the collector of the works of Sosaku Kokeshi by the masters.