Vintage Sosaku Transitional Kokeshi entitled: “Mizumo | Spring” by Kiyohara, Takao

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Dimension: 12-0”h

This Kokeshi is what is referred to as a Shingata, (transitional), doll, having characteristics of both the traditional Tougatta Family, as seen in the head and face (thin narrow eyes, and a split nose) and hair treatment, (chrysanthemum on the top of the head, bangs and side fringes), and the Sosaku, (creative), with the representation of the kimono and the very stylized design of the spring white flowers. Most of the details are in black with red and gray graphic accents defining each element. The piece is an award winner and retains the tag indicating the award. Signature and doll title on the bottom. 

Condition: Very good original condition, archival quality because of the uniqueness of the doll and the display of the award.