Vintage Traditional Narugo Ejiko Kokeshi by Akira Kon


Dimensions: 2-3/4”h x 2-7/8” dia.

Offered is an extremely rare Narugo Ejiko by master Akira Kon. It is a very simple representation of the Ejiko with a motif/stripings regularly seen at festivals. Additionally, it has the Rokoru Moya circular lifework around its collar. Bangs set wide apart are the definitive feature of the head with a red bow on the top and side hair fringes on each side of its face, along with the standard single eyelid, and a cat nose. Though these basically plain dolls are not as decorative as others of the Traditional school, they’re unique, flowing visual forms. 

For further information see, Ejiko | Izume.Ko | Nemariko in our Japanese Vintage Toy section.

Condition: Very Good condition having excellent care and handling affording each doll age-old elegance. Retains the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed patina commensurate with age and unrestored. Each piece meets all the standards of Traditional Kokeshi Ejiko collectibles and is an exceptional piece for the collectors of Narugo Family dolls.