Vintage Traditional Narugo Style Kokeshi Bank by Katakura, Tomio | 1936


Dimensions: 14-0”h 

This is an extremely “RARE and never seen” Kokeshi which has been made as a coin bank and fashioned from timber bamboo. This doll has a straight-shaped body, narrowing slightly at the waist with beveled shoulders. It incorporates ‘Yoko mono’ color bands on the shoulders/neck portion of the doll and at the wide base giving support and balance the figure. The head is of solid wood and has bangs set wide apart with a definitive feature of side fringes. On the top of the  head are red bows intertwined with the black hair.The face  has single eyelids, and a cat nose. It has the typical paintings of red chrysanthemum, (Kiku) on the body of the doll along with black leaves giving it a unique, flowing form and affording it a stronger visual character. The bank still retains its original coins inside and has screws to remove the base, and to get to the coins inside. The piece is identified and signed by Katakura-san of Mihara prefecture on the bottom.

Vintage Condition: Excellent, unrestored and completely intact and retains the original craft/workmanship. The piece meets all the standards of collectible Folk Art.

NOTE: They originally came from Narugo Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture and originated sometime in the Edo period when there were approximately 125 craftsmen producing this style. The Narugo Kokeshi has been labeled the most sophisticated.