Vintage Traditional Sakunami Style Kokeshi with Rings by Hiraga, Teruyuki


Dimensions: 9-0”h 

Unique to this strain and a rare find is this Kokeshi produced by the Hiraga family originating in Sakunami and who continued producing the same style doll when the other families producing this type of Kokeshi moved in two different locations. This particular style and doll is one of the older Kokeshi forms, as they date to the early Meiji period, (1868-1912). 

This Kokeshi is made of one piece of Mizuki, a very pale, fine-grained variety of dogwood, which grows in the Yamagata area. As seen here are Plum and crab-flower blossoms which dominate the body design. The flowers are painted in red and purple with a very bold, stylized design and painted ‘Yoko mono’ bands throughout the body. The dolls have disproportionately smaller head. It specifically was designed to be a hand-held toy, rather than a freestanding doll. The unique feature is that incorporated into the body and made of the same piece of wood are three loose rings of red, yellow and purple. The head incorporates the double eye lid and the Sakunami tear drop nose, with ‘bob’ style hair design with a decorative red and purple circular motif on the top.

Vintage Condition: Excellent, unrestored and completely intact and retains the original craft/workmanship. The piece meets all the standards of collectible Folk Art.