Vintage Traditional Yajirou JIngasa Kokeshi by Hoshi Hiroaki


Dimensions: 5-3/4"h

Yijirou sytle dolls are some of the most brightly painted traditional family dolls. Utilizing a veritable rainbow of wide horizontal colored stripes, from red and black to blue and purple, this type of doll is found in the widest range of shapes. It has an extremely expressive face topped with a conical hat similar to the JIngasa-shaped hat worn by samurai during ceremonial or ritualistic occasions and sometimes worn while traveling. It has double eyelids, a teardrop-shaped nose, and emphasized red cheeks. The face is framed with side hair fringes and red chrysanthemum petals protruding out from the sides. The doll is made of cherry wood and signed on the bottom. 

Condition: Excellent with full-color retention.