Vintage Traditional Yajirou Kokeshi by Endo Tsutumo

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Dimensions: 6-0”h

This exceptionally beautifully finished doll utilizes traditional Yajirou family elements and techniques executed with a black ink in sumi-e’ style drawing of black chrysanthemum petals in the center spot under the collar and base of the figure. The entire figure is painted is delicately painted with varying widths of horizontal stripes encircling the figure at the base and collar using a ‘Rokoru Moyo’ style line-work. The hair of the doll is very stylized with the traditional bangs and the use of the same ‘Rokoru Mayo’ bands that ring the top of the head and side hair fringes. The face has single eyelids, eyebrows, a faint pick-shaped nose, and a tiny mouth. The piece is signed in script on the bottom by the artist. Note: There is no biographical information published on this artist.

See additional writings on our website related to this subject: Under our Browse and Learn section, please refer to for full details on the history and development of this style doll.

Condition: Excellent, original condition, with no fading or loss of color, and consistent with the age and standards of collectible Yajirou Family dolls. All details are perfect and as crafted.