Vintage Traditional Yamagata Ejiko Kokeshi by Kobayashi Seitaro


Dimensions: 3-0”h; 1-1/4”h

Unique to this strain of the original ten traditional types is the fact that the Yamagata Kokeshi originated at Sakunami Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, and produced by the Kobayashi family and are one of the older Kokeshi forms, as they date to the early Meiji period, (1868-1912). Offered is a set of three Ejiko Kokeshi representing a mother and her two children.

Both shapes are made of one piece of wood, and chrysanthemum, (Kiku), blossoms dominate the body design of the larger Ejiko. The flowers are painted in a very bold, stylized design in red with stripes of blue-green, and painted or grooved bands will ring the top and the bottom of each doll. The dolls have disproportionately larger heads, with pronounced large circular bodies. Each have bangs, a red decorative bow, and side hair fringes. Also seen is one lid or double eyelids, and a cat nose, (Neko-Bana) for the larger doll and split nose (Ware-Bata) shaped nose for the smaller. The Japanese are said to assume that originally they were designed to be hand-held toys, rather than freestanding dolls. This family of dolls are only made from Dogwood, (Hanamizuki), a very pale, fine-grained variety of dogwood, which grows in the Yamagata prefecture.

For further information see, Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Yamagata-Sakunami-Kei (Family) in our Browse and Learn section.

Condition: Excellent and beautiful and extremely rare examples. Excellent care and handling affording each doll age-old elegance. Retains the original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully-developed patina and commensurate with age and unrestored. Each piece meets all the standards of Traditional Kokeshi collectibles and an exceptional piece for the collectors of Yamagata Family dolls.