Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Entitled: “Kongasure”


Dimensions: 10-0”h 

This is an unusual Kokeshi by Yamanaka-san who creates wonderfully-painted and decorated dolls in many forms and shapes. This particular doll is an example of a young person wearing a Navy Ikat Yukata. Here Sanpei utilizes a palette of soft watercolor stripes to create a suggestion of a rainbow. Rainbows in Buddhism is “the highest state achievable before attaining Nirvana, where individual desires and consciousness are sublimated”. Here, Yamanaka also adds a painted Ikat pattern to add dimension to the garment. This doll portrays a wonderful traditional hairstyle referred to as a “bob” through the use of controlled carving to shape the head. On the side of her head is a simulated red hairpin, (Kanzashi) which also looks similar to his signature. Here facial design is most expressive in the rendition of the eyes and mouth and truly representative of a young child. The doll has a worn stamp on the bottom of the doll.

To further explain, a yukata is an unlined cotton summer kimono, worn in casual settings such as summer festivals and to nearby bathhouses. Originally worn as bathrobes, their modern use is much broader, and are a common sight in Japan during summer. 

Condition: Excellent, original condition with no imperfections.