Wabi Sabi Style by James Crowley and Sandra Crowley


Wabi and Sabi are Japanese design elements that raise rusticity to a new level. Lacking the crudeness generally associated with things rustic, they imply an earthiness that is the ultimate in sophistication. They move beyond the glossy, gilded, and gaudy, to a simple organic elegance that emanates tranquility. Wabi Sabi Style reveals the sparseness, the minimalism of a rich palette of organic colors and textures, the manipulation of light and space, and the exquisitely stylized representations of nature in private gardens that embody the essence of Japanese design. Flowing from spring to summer, autumn, and winter, each chapter is steeped in Japanese lore and techniques for incorporating the wabi-sabi philosophy into one's own home. Breathtaking photography brings wabi-sabi alive, demonstrating the means for creating it anywhere.

Condition: Unused book in excellent condition. Unbroken spine with perfect dust jacket.