Wakasa Urushi Carved Lacquered Daruma / Fukui Japan

Sale price$25.00

Dimensions: 1-1/2”h x 2-1/4”w x 1-1/2”d

The Wakasa-nuri lacquer technique was started in the early Edo period 400 years ago by a lacquer artist from the Ohama feudal clan who was influenced by lacquer-making techniques from China.

This Urushi Dharma style is specially made in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, and is largely different from the standard “rolly polly” type. Offered is a colorfully painted triangular pyramid figure of Daruma representing his “cowl” covered head. with just an abstracted face peering out. It is made out of a block of 100% Wakasa lacquer, which is clotted in a vessel, cut into a small piece, and ground to this shape and finish. Its strength and gloss Urushi lacquer, for which original coloration and shape have received high recognition. As it never “turns over” or “falls over”, and is very popular as a lucky talisman given by parents to their child who is about to study overseas. The piece is signed on its original wood stand that has a good Luck wish painted in the script. Also has the artist's red stamp on the base.

Condition: Excellent with unusually defined carving with an exceptional number of layers of lacquer giving depth to the finish. Retains the original craft/workmanship.