Vintage Yamagata Traditional Kokeshi by Hiraga, Kenjiro


Dimensions: 19-1/2” h

This doll is quite unusual for two reasons: It is an extremely large heavily-turned doll from one piece of wood weighing 4-1/2lbs, and secondly because it is a black Yamagata which is quite rare. It is generally believed that a carver had served an apprenticeship with a craftsman in Yamagata who began the Sakunami strain. Besides the two places, the doll is now made in Yonezawa, Tendo, Yachi.  Shown is an expressive face with individual bangs and tufts of hair surrounding the face with a Chrysanthemum on top of her head. Her eyes are categorized as Double Lid; the nose is the elongated teardrop nose, and a tiny red dot represents her mouth.  Her undulating body, (kimono), has varying widths of Rokoru-Moyo line work with abstract flowers in the center representing her obi. She sits on a black base, again made from the same piece of wood and affording her a firm base on which to be displayed. The doll is signed by the artist. The price includes FREE shipping with the exception of a small cost for packing supplies. 

Vintage Condition: The piece is in perfect excellent condition, (“as is”), and retains the original craft/workmanship, and is completely free from the effects of aging. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear, or structural damage is noted.