Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Entitled “Chinko | Camellia Child” by Takahashi, Akinori


Sold as a pair

Dimensions: 12-0”h

This is a very rare pair of Kokeshi by Takahashi, Akinori. Both dolls are beautifully lacquered in a waterfall pattern in brown as the background of his artwork, with an accent of a Camellia blossom in red with green leaves. The dolls are signed, with an impression and title on the bottom of each doll. These dolls are a pair and sold as such.

Vintage Condition: Excellent as originally made with no scratches, flaws, or discoloration. 

NOTE: Takahashi, Akinori was born in Miyagi prefecture, Sendai City, Japan in 1957 and son of Takahashi, Hashime. Akinori is a winner of two awards: 2004 and 2005, at the Contemporary Kokeshi Exhibition. He is an accomplished artist and has only created a few Kokeshi in honor of his father. Akinori does not make many Kokeshi for his focus is on other types of folk craft.