Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Tougatta-Kei (Family) Kokeshi by Sakura Kinu


Dimensions: 18-0”h (4lbs)

Sakura-san was born in 1918 and apprenticed under the master, Asakura Eiji, Miyagi Prefecture. Tougatta dolls are easily recognized by their narrow, columnar body shapes, tapering at the shoulders to an extremely large head that is wider than the rest of the doll, and more angular than round. This extremely large Tougatta doll's head is a squeeze-in type with an unpronounced neck. The head is covered with a black and grey painting of stacked chrysanthemums and has bangs split with two with side hair fringes, thin narrow “sleepy” eyes, and a split nose, or what is referred to as a cat-type nose. It has stylized, stacked chrysanthemums, (Kiku) on its body (Kimono). Additionally, it is decorated with circular-style lines at the neck and bottom of the doll, known as Rokoru Moyo, which is done as the doll is turned on the lathe. The doll is lathe-turned from one piece of wood with the only joint being at the neck/head/body. The doll is a script signature of the artist on the bottom of the doll.

Condition: Excellent and commensurate with age with minimal fading of the motif. Extremely large, heavy doll. Collectors find based on workmanship and size. A fine example of Tougatta Family Kokeshi by one of the few female lathe-turners of the time, which makes it very rare.