Japanese Traditional Tougatta Kokeshi Balancing Yajiro Top | Rokugou Hitomi | Vintage Koma


Dimensions: Total length of the Balance pole: 13-1/2” l. The Kokeshi doll/stand is 4-0”h. Each top measures 1-1/4”

This is an amazing rare balance toy, (“Yajiro”), handmade Japanese Traditional Tougatta Kokeshi balancing spinning top by Rokugou Hitomi. It is different from the ordinary balance toy in that it balances the spinning tops on each side of the pole, and the small top with the Kokeshi head rotates on top of the Kokeshi doll.

It is designed and made by one of the few female artists and wife of Sato Yosuhiro, also a Kokeshi carver of the period. The set includes one Kokeshi stand, one balancing miniature spinning tops with Kokeshi head on a red and yellow balancing pole, and two, miniature, standard spinning tops. Each decorated in Tougatta color pallet of reds, green and purple with black accents. A very rare piece of craftsmanship and signed on the bottom by the artist.

Vintage Condition: Excellent, mint condition with exceptional balance and good sense of proportion and color. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage is note.