Traditional Vintage Kokeshi by Sato Fumio, Tougatta Family


Dimensions: 12-1/4”h

This is traditional Anniversary Kokeshi with black semi-e of “Kotobuki/Kame“ wishes on the body, and of the Tougatta family by Sato Fumio, (1923-). His masters were Sato, Bunsuke, and Sato, Ushizo.

This Kokeshi has the characteristic narrow, columnar body with tapered shoulders with a  head that is wider than the rest of the doll. It has black hair and bangs and side fringes. Its eyes are thin and narrow with what is called a “cat” nose and expressive red-accented mouth. And finally, the beautiful expression on the body of the doll wishing “Congratulations and Long life”. On the back of the doll are wonderful red and black wildflowers giving more personalization and uniqueness to the piece. The doll is signed by the artist on the bottom of the doll. 

The specific type of Tougatta doll is thought to be the “oldest” family member of the Traditional school. The Tougatta style is specifically sought after by collectors for their interesting range of images which break away from the pure traditional family motif. 

Condition: Excellent vintage condition and as originally made. All of the represented colors show no fading or discoloration with “crisp” drawing/coloration. Beautiful polished patina developed from age. This type of doll draws special attraction to collectors because of this specific black style of the motif. The doll has been published in A Collectors Guide: Traditional and Creative Kokeshi and Toys. 

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